Galería Isabel Anchorena

Miguel Melcón (1940)

Held more than 200 exhibitions in the country and the exterior (España, Alemania, Francia, EEUU, Brasil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Montecarlo, Italia, Colombia, Mexico) received awards on 16 occasions, the most prominent: 2002 2 ° national Salon of fine arts; 2000 1st Monocopia living M. Belgrano; 1999 2nd drawing room M.Belgrano; 1996 de Pintura 1st room of critics; 1995 2nd drawing Salon Andreani; 1994 3rd painting Salon M Belgrano; 1992 3rd of drawing room M.Belgrano; BsAs; 1979 3rd painting Salon stimulus of fine arts BsAs; 1978 1st drawing room bath – 1 ° drawing F.Amador Salon Moreno; 1977 Honor M. Drawing Room Na. of Moreno BsAs. Bibliography: Argentina art – history of Argentine art Argentine Emecé-40 Dibujantes Ed. Actualidad in the Arte-Cuadernos of the Sur-Blanco and Negro-Actualidad in the art-Artinf-pen and brush – art and culture – journalist – Arts-Clarin-the nation – the Opinion-dirigencia – the library and newspapers from the inside and outside. They have works: museums of fine arts: contemporary BsAs; Tandil; Santa Fe; Paraná; Olavarria’s Damaso Arce; Contemporary Mechita BsAs; Guaman Pomán E. Rios; Univ. Texas; Univ. de Essex; Fund. Joan Miro Barcelona; Contemporary of Monte Carlo; Museum Aus lateinamerika Berlin; Fund. BCO Pcia BsAs; BCO patricians; Contemporary Asuncion Paraguay; Insight. Atomic Energy Center; Insight. National Library; Sivori ;House of culture Rio Gallegos; Collections in the country and abroad.