Galería Isabel Anchorena

Buenos aires, tigre, is where i spent my childhood, a place full of vitality, where the streams overflowed in growing tides, with exuberant vegetation and shades dyed according to the season.

Villa del lago, Córdoba, where the house was in front of the lake, there every year we spent three pleasant months of family vacation. Landscape of mountains, piquillines, peperinas, the brilliant mica that emerged between the rocks, the occasional iguana, the toothy fish and perchs that danced in the crystalline streams.

These two places were where i had the blessing of being able to absorb sensitive experiences, discovering the world through nature.

The inexhaustible experienced content arises spontaneously in the work. I experiment with different media, they make the gesture have firm lines: oil bars that i do in the atelier, pigments, acrylics, oils, all of them on the raw canvas support, followed by an intervened primer that will emerge in the work.

I studied at the “Prilidiano Pueyrredón” school of fine arts, but it was three great teachers, with their teachings and experiences, who formed me: Miguel Ángel Vidal, Kenneth Kemble and Guillermo Roux.